Paul G. Hartman, Ph.D.
Hollywood, Florida

Paul G. Hartman, Ph.D.

Florida Licensed Psychologist (PY5499)


I am a licensed psychologist providing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy in Broward County, Florida. I help people with depression, anxiety and related disorders, health problems, stress management issues, relationship difficulties, and gay and lesbian issues. I also provide forensic (court-related) psychological services.

The main model I use for treatment is called cognitive-behavioral therapy. This type of therapy focuses on helping clients change their thinking (cognition) and behavior patterns. This is an active form of psychotherapy, in which clients develop new ways of behaving and more productive ways of thinking.

In therapy, clients are helped to become more aware of their thinking patterns and how these can affect their emotional state. Clients learn how they may modify their behavior and ways of thinking to achieve more happiness and satisfaction. Moreover, clients are taught specific skills, such as assertive communication, relaxation techniques, and problem-solving methods, which they can use in many situations. In addition to working with clients in the therapy sessions, I often help clients structure activities they can do between sessions to promote their psychological well-being and effectiveness. This may include specific readings, writing, keeping logs, or trying new behaviors.

Though the past is usually not the primary focus of treatment, I sometimes help clients explore how difficult situations in the past may continue to affect them. By working through these issues, clients can let go of patterns of behaving, thinking, and feeling that are no longer useful. But the main focus of the therapy is on functioning effectively now, rather than re-experiencing the past.

I use hypnosis as an additional method of treatment for smoking cessation, weight management, stress reduction, and other issues. Hypnosis is basically an enhanced state of awareness and receptivity to information that can promote clients' well-being and ability to modify their behavior. Entering a hypnotic state is a skill, which most persons can learn with practice and a therapist's assistance.


Professional Fees: My fee is $135.00 for psychotherapy sessions. Reduced fees are available for those who cannot afford the full fee.

Fees for psychological evaluations, testing, and forensic services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

"Helping People Change"